We firmly believe in the open-source world of computer software. There are a huge number of people out there working relentlessly to create high quality, open-source, free software. In the world of small business, computer technology can become very expensive, very fast. With open-source software like Clear Foundations ClearOS Server operating system, any small to medium sized organization can deploy their technology based needs at a fraction of the cost of the "other" software monopolies.

We can work with you to design a complete system of hardware & server software that will organize & consolidate your operation... completed within a reasonable budget and able to be maintained with ease. And, it will be secure & reliable.

Clear Foundation has developed an outstanding Linux based server operating system fully compatible with your existing Windows based workstations.

ClearOS is geared toward small to medium business, but it's packed full of high powered features

If you've ever dealt with a Windows based server, you'll appreciate this... The entire operating system is less than a giga-byte!