Self-Employment Declaration


Please excuse me,

I am not a corporate machine, robot or miracle worker.

I am a mere human being.


I'm doing the best I can with the resources I have. Being self-employed... I have to do the technical work, accounting, praying, pay the bills, parts ordering, cleaning, construction, maintenance, customer service, career education, advertising, etc., etc.

As a result, some things take time.


This is not a hobby to entertain myself,

This is my career that supports a family of four.
So consequently,
I have to charge for my time.


I don't get paid vacations, sick time, lunches, breaks, free or subsidized health insurance, retirement, pension, or any other benefits you may be familiar with. If I ever take time off, my family loses money, because I still have to pay rent & utilities.

So I may seem a little worn out at times.


If you can't accept or comprehend the above conditions, I would suggest you seek service elsewhere.

Copyright © Peter Lahaye 2008

The Stereo Doctor