We do full service on any brand of home stereo components.

General maintenance, component-level repair, refurbishing, restoration, etc.

Amplifiers, Pre-amps, Surround Processors, Integrated amps, Receivers, Tuners, Equalizers, Speakers, Turntables, Record Players, Cassette Decks, Micro-cassette, 8-Track!, Open Reel, DAT (Digital Audio Tape), MD (MiniDisc), CD, DVD, Laser Disc, CDG.

We strive to perform quality, long lasting repairs to bring your product back to its original functionality and quality. We try to replace defective components with the original parts the equipment was designed to use! We only use substitutes when it is the last resort.

There are some things we do NOT work on, mostly due to the "throw away" pricing of today's consumer electronics; VCR, TV, boom box, car stereo, discman & walkman style personal stereo.


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